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Bentley Bentayga seen at an angle

The Bentley Bentayga distinguishes itself in the ultra-luxury SUV market with its harmonious combination of elegance and power.

Inspired by the "Roque Bentayga," a striking peak in Gran Canaria, and powered by a formidable W12 engine, the Bentayga excels in both impeccable craftsmanship and outstanding performance.

Discover what makes this car unique in its class!

Bentley Bentayga seen at an angle


Bentley Bentayga side profile

The Bentley Bentayga features a streamlined design with distinctive Bentley elements, like the signature grille and sharp, assertive lines that give it an elegant yet powerful presence. Its design is practical, with a sturdy build that ensures durability for off-road adventures, yet it retains a refined appearance that fits city driving.

The Bentayga's balanced design, which blends these elements of luxury and robustness, makes it a versatile choice for both everyday commuting and exploring new terrains.


cockpit view

The interior of our Bentley Bentayga, skillfully crafted with high-quality materials, showcases a dark blue leather that evokes the allure of Miami's night sky. Its plush texture offers a luxurious touch, enhancing the nocturnal ambiance. Equipped with a dual-screen and table setup, it provides both functionality and entertainment suited for nighttime city drives.

The integrated rear control center ensures full command of the car's features. Tailored for chauffeured travels, this vehicle reflects the sophistication and mystery of Miami nights, ensuring a comfortable and controlled experience.

Bentley Bentayga cockpit


Bentley Bentayga wheel closeup

Our Bentley Bentayga merges luxury with advanced technology for effortless journeys. Its centerpiece is a sophisticated infotainment system with a large touchscreen and integrated navigation, perfect for city and highway travel. Comfort is paramount, with massaging seats and a deluxe climate control system set in luxurious handcrafted materials.

Performance is enhanced by adaptive air suspension and dynamic ride control, ensuring a smooth and quiet ride. The addition of advanced connectivity and concierge services further elevates the driving experience, distinguishing the Bentayga as a pinnacle in the ultra-luxury SUV class.


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